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About Us

BiRFT serves as a Business Systems Consultant for organizations, offering various services focused on implementation, use and management of software as well as general consulting in the area of business systems.

Our Motto

It’s not the product you choose, but how it’s put to use. Build it right the first time by selecting a suitable product and committing to it.


Our Story

Working in software development for almost 20 years, we’ve noticed that companies spend a lot of time developing or researching for the perfect product. By the time implemented, the product is usually outdated or user requirements have significantly changed.

Our question – Why spend so much time if your needs are ever changing and technology evolves just as rapidly?


It is this observation and question which has given breath to BiRFT. Our goal is to get you up and running quickly with automated processes and applications that are scalable. We realize this is not solely accomplished with the products you choose but also through how they are implemented, by gaining acceptance  for these products and properly communicating with and training your staff.


To achieve this, we use standardized processes and a unique combination of traditional project management practices along with agile methodologies. We focus on targeted communication to different stakeholders. We listen. We stress on training and ensure that materials are in place for transfer of knowledge and sustainability after system implementation.


BiRFT works with organizations to help them succeed with technology; to help them build right from the start so they can be more effective in their operations early in the game and reach their potential quicker.

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